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[MIA] Leave the country! (If you want to)?

2016-12-04 14:36:23

So many good reasons to...
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“Wear sunscreen.” Mary Schmich

(You may have noticed that our regular emails to you have started with a great quote. Unfortunately all quotes related to travel are totally wanky, so we thought we’d go with this one – which, you know, is helpful in its own way.)

We understand that it isn’t possible for everyone to just up and leave for exotic foreign lands – especially if you’ve got a dog. (Surprisingly, it’s easier to travel with teething twins than a well-behaved dachshund – that’s what we’ve been told, anyway.) But if you’ve got the opportunity to move away from home for a while, do it.

Firstly, wherever you go is bound to be cheaper than where you’re living now. It’s a strange and wonderful feeling to get a freshly cooked three-course meal for $6 – when that’s what you’d normally pay for a few minutes’ parking in your extortionately expensive hometown, or a large frozen coffee from a tax-dodging coffeehouse. That’s not the main benefit though: the main thing is you’ve bought yourself more time. You’ve got a longer runway, or increased your relative wealth.

If you’ve quit your job and want to start up something on your own, you’re going to be under all sorts of pressure if you’ve still got to pay thousands in rent and food each month. But if you move somewhere like Chiang Mai in Thailand or
Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam – where you can get an apartment for $300 a month – the financial pressure is off, and you can concentrate on building something brilliant without worrying about your rapidly dwindling bank balance. It’s technically called “geographical arbitrage”, but we prefer to call it “freakin’ awesome”.

But there are plenty of reasons to travel as well as the cost of living – and you don’t even need to leave for good, or go that far. If you simply want to go away for a month a few times a year, or even just spend half of the year on the other side of your country, you’ll still get a bunch of benefits from being more mobile.

Sorry in advance if it seems a bit wanky and hippyish, but travel and new experiences really do give you a new perspective on things, and they enable you to come up with weird and wonderful ideas that might just work for your new ventures.

Every time we move to a new place, we get new ideas. Some of them are shit, obviously (remind us to tell you about the massaging dogs idea one day), but some of them are pretty good and we’ve successfully put them into practice. We don’t really know how it works, but it does – and that’s all you need to know.  

Travel and changes of scenery are GREAT for new ideas and new perspectives, but here’s are two questions we get asked a lot as a result:

  • “I’ve got a HEAP of business ideas and I don’t know which one to pick!”
  • “I can’t figure out if my business idea is actually a good one... how do I know?”

If you have those same questions, fear not – our next email will tackle these very problems!

Have a fab few days in the meantime, and we'll speak to you soon. 

Mish & Rob

p.s. Our forum - The Anywhereist Group - is full of wonderful people who are travelling or planning to travel while they set up their own businesses. Want to join them? Find out more about the forum!