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[Heroes] Make a Masterpiece out of life

2016-12-04 14:36:23

Hey -

Yesterday I shared how I was following the standard life script . . .

Until two of my best friends both passed away.

With all I've learned in my 3 decades here on Earth so far, I'm convinced that there is SO much more to life, and that most of us are selling ourselves short by running the rat race.

I'm certainly no rat.

Neither are you, and there are plenty of other options out there besides the traditional path.

So today let's explore what else is out there for those who choose something different . . .

Click below to learn how I broke free, and what it means to me to live life FULLY - to really go on the *Hero's Journey* if you will:

This is what our Hero's Journey Minicourse is all about! So make sure you tune in! :)

Enjoy this short video, and I hope you'll choose to come along for the ride with me and go ALL IN on yourself and your dreams!

Talk tomorrow,


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