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[LR 5/6] The perfect lifestyle business (Part 3)

2016-12-03 14:19:23

Hey ,

It's great to see you back here!

So let's start with a quick recap of the past few days:

  • We've established what your perfect day looks like
  • We've established that you only need $3000/month from your own small business to be living that exact dream day right now.
  • We've established that building a "passive income niche site" is maybe the WORST way to do it (when you're getting started).
  • And we've established that providing freelance services, that businesses ALWAYS need and will pay good money for, is the BEST way to do it (when you're getting started).

I've been "free" since late 2009 following this exact plan. Was my business model sexy at first? Not at all. But when you have the freedom to hop on a plane at the last minute because a roundtrip flight deal to Hong Kong popped up at less than $400 total and you'd be dumb to pass it up…

Or when you get to say, "Screw it I want to live somewhere new for the next 3 months so LET'S GO"…

Or when you take a random Tuesday off to go golfing (my passion)…

Or when your friends are desperate to hear every story you tell…

And you do it all KNOWING your bills are easily paid for month, after month, after month with just 3-5 hours of concentrated work a day (which you can just cram into the morning and have the rest of the day to do what you want)…

And you do it without EVER having to step back into an office again…

It really doesn't matter if it's "sexy".

You're just…happy. And light. And stress free :)

You're the person other people look at like, "I wish I could do that…"

Which, by the way, might just be where you're at right now with these emails. I mean, I've hopefully convinced you over the past few days that a) this is easy, b) you don't need a lot to do it, and c) providing freelance services to established businesses is the most stable and easiest way to do it…

But now you're left wondering, uh, WHAT freelance services though?

If you're like me, you're starting off with few marketable skills.

I had a four year degree in finance. And that was the industry I worked in before I transitioned to the life I live now. I was a financial analyst.

And while I tried to come up with a hundred ways to use that degree in an online course, or a product, or something I could do remotely - I could never quite figure it out. And I didn't have tech/marketing skills to fall back on.

Plus it's not exactly a skill that online businesses are looking to hire out.

And I remember just having this feeling in the pit of my stomach, like, "I'm just trapped because I've made the wrong career decisions and now I'm screwed."

Which, in hindsight, is hilarious.


Well, when I first went to Thailand, my first mentor Dan (who I talked about yesterday) was able to show me EVERYTHING I needed to know about SEO (search engine optimization) in under a month.

Specifically everything I needed to know to get a web page ranked at #1 in Google for specific search terms.

How much do you think businesses would pay for that?

To have someone come in and say, "Hey I can get you at #1 in Google for this valuable search phrase that tons of paying customers are searching for. And I can guarantee results for you."

Spoiler alert: they pay a LOT for it if you can really deliver results.

And I learned everything I needed to do just that in under a month.

That's the big secret: a lot of the skills online businesses pay the most for don't require a huge learning curve. They just require someone who's intelligent, who's able to follow systems, and who can put in a few concentrated hours per day to get the results the businesses are after.

And, more importantly, they DON'T require that you put in an arbitrary 8-10 hours per day. As long as you get your work done, it doesn't matter how long it takes you to do it. You don't need to be "on call" all day.

If you can get your work done in 3-5 hours - perfect. That's all you need.

But if you came to me, and said you needed $3k/month ASAP, and that you would do anything to quit your job - there's one specific thing I'd tell you to do.

One particular skill that pays more than any other right off the bat…

That I've seen more people have more success with than any other…

And that you already know how to do.

What is it? Writing.

But I'm not talking about writing high-level literature.

Or really writing anything "high-level". In fact that writing hurts you here.

I'm talking about writing different kinds of content that businesses need from their web sites. Content that needs to have a "regular person" feel to it. In fact there's a basic chain of command for this kind of writing:

SEO writing is the starting point for most people I teach…

And for very good reason: you literally don't need ANY kind of training to do it. In fact, if you're a well-educated and reasonably intelligent person, you can make a killing with it almost immediately.

Essentially you're just writing 250 to 500 word articles for companies, on a wide variety of random subjects, that include in the content specific keywords they want to rank higher on Google for. So, for example, "3 reasons you need a new air conditioner" with "air conditioner Boston" included somewhere in the text.

Google's algorithms are smart, so companies want GOOD content (not stuff farmed out to $2/hour workers in the Philippines) and will pay good money for it.

How much? The average is about $15/article.

And since it's easy to write 3-4 articles per hour…

That comes out to $45/hour-$60/hour right off the bat.

A member of my private community wrote an article about his experience making $3k in two months SEO writing here. That article breaks down how to find the work - and how to get paid literally within your first week.

But even more interesting are the comments on that article. There are 100+ of them but dig through and you'll find gems like:

I've personally seen people inside my private community make $4k from SEO writing in their first month. There is HUGE opportunity here if you just need something to free up your time, location, and energy right now.

But I also don't recommend SEO writing as a long-term gig. Why? Because it can get draining. Which is why I recommend taking the free time that SEO writing gives you…

And studying copywriting.

Copywriting is maybe the single most important skill you can have in business.

I'm not a professional copywriter, but studying copywriting has been the #1 thing that has leveled up my business over the years. Copywriting is simply "sales writing" - learning how to write in a way that engages people and leads them to want to buy what you've got.

But it's not all about "buy buy buy!". Copywriting is simply learning to write in a more engaging way - that people can't stop reading.

Whether you want to be a writer or not…

Having a basic level of copywriting knowledge will take you very far.

It'll help you land bigger clients and convince them to pay you more money. It'll help you do better work for your clients since you understand the marketing and psychology behind what they're trying to do. And when you start working on your own projects, it will be the #1 skill that will push your business to the next level.

Once you know the basics of copywriting, you can transition from SEO writing to content writing - for blogs and other online publications. There are tons of opportunities like this and they pay $100+ per 500-1000 word article.

But beyond that, you can also just become a flat-out copywriter.

I have a friend who does this and gets paid $1000 to write a single email. And companies think they're getting a steal "only" paying him that much.

Why? Because his emails help them make way more money than that.

All because he sat down and studied a little bit of copywriting.

Add on top of all this some basic knowledge of WordPress and design and you've essentially made yourself indispensable to any online business.

You'll always have well-paid work, in any economy, from any location in the world (as long as you've got wifi), that you can do in just a few hours a day, because you know all the fundamentals of online business - and can plug them in anywhere.

And, more importantly, you'll have ALL the skills you need (plus the free time & energy) to build out your own projects on the side.

Or, you know, to travel and just enjoy life too.

Or even all of the above :)

Location Rebel

Now hold up.

Up until now, you've heard me mention my "private community" a few times.

A few years ago, I started getting emails from people every week asking how I was able to live the life I describe on my blog. How I was able to travel 3-4 months out of the year, and live comfortably back home in Portland the other 8-9 months.

What I've just described to you over the past few emails is exactly how I did it. The exact blueprint. In particular what I've shown you today.

But I realized that some people wanted more in-depth hand-holding.

I get that. Because I had that. That's how I built my business.

I wasn't just doing it on my own. I had people showing me how.

And I had people whose businesses I could study, and deconstruct, and reverse engineer.

So I created a private training community called Location Rebel, which takes the blueprint I've outlined over the past five days (and in this email in particular) and shows you EXACTLY what to do step-by-step.

  • How to build an SEO writing business in the next 48 hours
  • How to get your first clients in the same time frame
  • How to level up your business in your free time by learning the fundamentals of copywriting, and design, and WordPress
  • How to go from $3k/month, to $6k/month, to $10k/month...
  • And lots, lots, lots more

The entire point of Location Rebel is to teach you the fundamental skills you need, get you freelancing them in other businesses, and have a simple lifestyle business that lets you quit your job ASAP - and living your perfect day immediately.

The results from it have been incredible:

You can learn more about joining Location Rebel by clicking here.

Of course there's no obligation. Location Rebel is basically everything covered in this email course, but actually expanded into step-by-step blueprints & action plans - so you're guaranteed a profitable & stable lifestyle business in the shortest possible time.

You can also just spend your time looking up all the stuff I've told you in this course and trying to figure it out for free. It won't be easy, but it's possible. I haven't hid anything.

Location Rebel just shortens the path and gets as close to guaranteeing your success in building an ultra-simple location independent lifestyle business as I could possibly promise. This is for people who are serious about redesigning their life - and need to replace their jobs (and have a predictable location independent income coming in) RIGHT NOW.

The Final Ingredient

But Location Rebel (and my little sales pitch) aside...

There's still one thing missing here.

Something I haven't covered yet in these emails.

Something you NEED for success before you start your business.

Can you guess what it is? I've hinted at it (and the impact it had on me) a little bit over the last few emails but haven't mentioned it explicitly. Yet I'd say 80% or more of my success was due to this - and you'll fall flat without it.

I've run out of space here. So we'll cover it tomorrow when we wrap everything together in our final lesson. Warning...this last one will be a long email too.

Talk then,