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Pick Up Your Domain Before It's Gone For Good

2016-12-03 10:43:44

Hello again,

Zac here, today I’m going to explain why you can’t afford not to own a domain name with your ACTUAL name in it. For me, it’s been a game changer!

But you better hope that no one’s beaten you to the punch, because once they sell, they’re gone for good. 

Fortunately, it’s both simple and affordable to get your first domain (if it isn’t secured yet). And I’ll even show you how to get one for FREE. That’s right, I’m unlocking the secret to the most affordable domain option on the planet.  So click here to watch a training video on acquiring your first domain…

You know that old adage…

“Actions speak louder than words.”

Well, it’s a good one, and you’d do well to remember it.

But I’ve actually got an even better action motto for you to follow:

“An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage.” – Welch

Your business is the organization. And you need to take action.

But first you need to learn…

So click on the link below and you’ll discover…
  • How essential it is to pick the PERFECT domain name for your site.
  • How you can take advantage of FREE resources to get your blog started at ZERO cost.
  • And more!

So now that you’ve got access to the knowledge, I hope you’ll take action!

Talk soon!

Zac Johnson
Founder of

P.S. In case you skipped to the bottom of this video, don’t miss this 100% FREE training video on setting up your personal domain. 

P.P.S. Also, once you’ve watched the video and registered your name, you’ll need to link up your domain with a host. You can find my favorite hosting company at the link below…




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