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Why You Should Create Content Like This...

2016-12-03 10:26:14

Hey ,
Now that you have your niche and keywords picked along with a domain and hosting all set up, it's finally time to start create some content!
Even though you are trying to rank in Google (a robot), you should be creating your content for humans.  If your articles are terrible, people will know it.
In fact, high quality content not only perform better with humans, it also performs better in Google.
I've written on this subject extensively.  In fact, you can see all my best practices for creating a valuable and long term content strategy right here:
In that article, you will learn where to brainstorm the TYPES of articles that you write, how long they should be, and how all your articles can work together to create a truly valuable resource.
Overall, it has been shown that longer content ranks better in Google.  So, I highly recommend you start thinking about how you can create more valuable and perhaps even longer articles to keep your readers and Google happy.
Hope these tips help!
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