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How the Long Tail Strategy Can Skyrocket Your Website

2016-11-29 10:35:22

Hey ,
I hope you had a chance to read a post or 2 from Niche Site Project 3.  If not, I still plan on walking you through some of the most important steps of building a niche website.
If we take a big picture view of what we are trying to accomplish through the mini-series, here it is:  I am going to teach you how to rank a niche site in Google and then make money from that website (read this article to get a good overview if you must).
That's the whole goal here.  However, I need to feed this information to you one spoonful at a time so that you don't get overwhelmed.  So, let's jump right into it!
Today I want to share with you a principle that many people never quite understand and therefore never see the success they want to see with their websites.
Here's the principle:  Ranking a website in Google is SO much easier when you are trying to rank for low competition and often low volume keywords.  These types of keywords (low competition and lower volume) are called Long Tail Keywords.
And now here's another lesson: There is actually MORE traffic when you combine all the long tail searches done in Google than combining "head" term searches (popular searches)!
Let me put this another way to hopefully drive home my point.  Not only is it easier to rank for long tail keywords, but there is actually MORE traffic with these types of keywords as well!
I recorded a video that explains this theory in a bit more detail.  I hope this video will provide you with an "aha" moment:
This is the exact strategy that I use on all my websites.  Instead of trying to compete with the "big boys", I take a long tail keyword approach.
I target those keywords that may be lower search volume, but also happen to be MUCH easier to rank for.
I attribute this simple shift in my thinking as the major reason that I was able to build a portfolio of successful sites and quit my job several years ago.
In fact, I believe this point is so important, that I'm going to share some specific examples of websites targeting these types of keywords tomorrow.
Until then,
Niche Pursuits, Washington 99352 United States

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