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[Heroes] The biggest change the world has ever seen...

2016-12-02 09:43:24

Hey there,
Yesterday we looked at the lie of "job security", and how our education system is failing us. . .
. . . And I mentioned how the Internet is rising up to take the place of these failing, antiquated systems.
So today on our Hero's Journey Minicourse I have a more upbeat message about the progress we've made, and what is possible for you today!
It's true. The web has drastically changed the world over the last few decades. And it can change your life for the better, too, IF you know how to make the most of it . . .

OR it can suck up all your time and energy and leave you with nothing, if you don't educate yourself about how to use this powerful (but dangerous) tool correctly.

If you own a computer. . .  if you're getting my emails in your inbox — then you're among the wealthiest fraction of the human population — you've basically won the global lottery!

. . . you have every advantage going for you, and you have the power to take control of your own future.

It's simple really. And deceptively so. You just have to learn how.



Simply have the courage to click below to get started:


Enjoy today's video, and I'll check in with you tomorrow with more.
-Cody McKibben
Publisher & Aspiring Hero | Thrilling Heroics

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