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[LIVE] Join me for a tour of the new Freedom HQ!

2016-12-01 23:32:56


I'm about to go live on Facebook here to take you on a tour of my new digs.

That's right - my new look Suitcase Entrepreneur brand, logo and website went live yesterday evening, and as expected...lots of things didn't go according to plan.

Like the fact that not long after sending my first ever email from ConvertKit, a ton of you emailed me saying you couldn't access my brand new LIVE Freedom Lab: Write the Damn Book.

When I went to investigate I found that my amazing WP developer and designer had made the site live before going to bed and this meant a bunch of links went down in that first few hours as it migrated over.

Many of you kindly told me about this which I actually was thrilled about - because it meant that:

1. You actually got my email so that was a bonus!

2. You cared enough to tell me, and for many you really wanted to join the Freedom Lab to write your damn book with me (since you couldn't at the time I've extended the 33% discount another 24 hours so check it out)

3. The new website was finally live (even if kinks still need to be ironed out) which is an impressive turnaround in a month.

And the feedback has been fab so far. Lots of people have taken the quiz on the homepage on `What type of entrepreneur you are' and said:

"The result I got was so bang on. You nailed it!"

In fact there's so much that's changed and a lot of thought that has gone into EVERYTHING behind this brand new site that I decided to give you a tour in a Facebook live video.

Join me on my Facebook page like right now (and if you miss the live the replay will be there) and look for the live video!

Natalie xo