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[Heroes] You've been lied to...

2016-12-01 11:32:50

In case you haven't noticed, ALL the rules have changed in the world today. . .
There used to be a time where people didn't have a choice. 
Your parents and grandparents had to follow what I call the "template lifestyle" if they wanted to be successful later on in life.

People lived VERY differently than we do now.

And today we live in a world where technology has VASTLY changed . . . 

Politics has changed. . .  the economy has changed drastically. . .  globalization means you have to deal with things your grandparents never could have IMAGINED. . .

But while these things have changed, the "system" has remained the same . . .

A lot of the ways people THINK, and how we live our lives is still — strangely — the same as it was at the start of the Industrial Age. . .

. . . and nobody's looking out for you. Everybody's happy to let it keep going on the way it always has, happy to keep lying to you, and for you to be a cog in their machine.

For day 2 of our Hero's Journey Minicourse, click below to learn how they've been lying to you your entire life, and what to do about it:

If you're ready for a change, then you've joined the right group of people. Let's kick some mediocrity in the ass.

Chat tomorrow,
-Cody McKibben
Publisher & Aspiring Hero | Thrilling Heroics

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