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Can you and I write a book in 3 months?

2016-12-01 11:20:20

Well hello there

I'm now in sunny Sydney. I've been here just over a day and after being awake for 30 hours straight and experiencing 20 hours of flying time, my eyes are literally falling out of my head.

Jetlag, especially when you come from Europe to 'downunder' and when, like me, you don't sleep on planes, can be a real b*tch.

But I'm too excited to nap, for three reasons:

1. My new website launches today. Officially at 9am EST on December 1st (we're already in December where I am).

My NEW brand design will be revealed to the world too, as well as all the sales funnels we've built and the amazing quiz.... I can't WAIT for you to see it.

2. Today is also the day we start using ConvertKit. So if you're receiving this email it's a great thing!

It means we've successfully left behind an old failing and frustrating system, to one we hope and believe will serve us much better and grow with us.

And finally. Today is the day I'm challenging you to help me write a book in 3 months or less in my new Freedom Lab: Write the Damn Book

Yes that's right, you heard it here first.

I am finally going to write my next book, The Freedom Plan, and you can come along for the ride, LIVE with full behind the scenes access as I attempt to do this.

What tools I'll use, my writing method, how I'll start pre-marketing before I've even finished it, video calls with my agent and more.

But I've also created this LIVE course to help YOU finally brainstorm, write or publish your own book alongside me!

Yes that's write each week we will have writing sessions together. It will be awesome.

Plus I've got fireside chats scheduled with 6 amazing authors - some are even NYTimes Bestselling ones...

What's more if you enroll before midnight on December 2nd you'll get 33% off so ...

Check out what Write the Damn Book is all about today!

What more could you want? A book written by early March or simply an epic adventure to see how I get mine done in 3 months or less.

PS. I'll be doing a Facebook LIVE on my Suitcase Entrepreneur page at 3pm EST December 1st - the day my website launches so I can show you around.

Natalie xo