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How to Make Your Site "Live" On the Web in Just a Few Minutes...

2016-12-01 11:11:06

Once you've picked your niche and done some in-depth keyword research, you need to start thinking about getting your website live on the internet!
Here's a great blog post on for exactly how to set up your blog/niche website in just a few minutes:
In a nutshell, you need 3 things to get your website up and running:
1. You need a domain name.  I recommend picking a domain name that is short and memorable/brandable.  Don't worry about keywords in your domain name.  You can register a domain name for about $10 usually from places like or
2. You need server space to "host" your website.  I recommend using  I've used Blue Host for many years and have been very happy with them.
3. Install WordPress.  Using Wordpress isn't required; however, its a really easy to use content management system, that I have used for years.  Oh yeah, and its free!
Basically, WordPress allows you to get a beautiful website up and running without knowing how to do any programming.
If you go with for your hosting service, they have a one-click install of WordPress. 
You can see what comes after getting these 3 steps done right here:
Overall, once you complete these very simple steps, you will be up and running with your brand new website...congrats!
I'll check back in tomorrow,
Niche Pursuits, Washington 99352 United States

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