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Mattermark Daily - Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017

2017-01-05 09:44:02

Misleading Startup Marketing, Lead Gen Analysis, and 10 must-read posts by Fred Wilson, Andrew Chen, John Saddington, and more.

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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Startup Advertising’s Occasional Collision With The Truth (read more)

An insurance-related startup named EverQuote was accused of misleading consumers. Mattermark investigates.



From the Investors

Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures offers his thoughts on what he expects to happen in SaaS, Artificial Intelligence, cyberwarfare, IPOs, and more in “What Is Going To Happen In 2017

Sam Gerstenzang of Sidewalk Labs outlines what what he’s interested in investing in and how he hopes to add value as an investor in “How I’ll Be Investing in 2017

Alex Clayton of Spark Capital analyzes the valuation, customer base, market opportunity, competition, and more in “AppDynamics IPO | S-1 Breakdown

Omar Mahout of Sirris packs a 41 slide deck with data points and information on funding in the European space and reveals some surprising insights in “Europe Scale-ups Report 2016

Clément Vouillon of Point Nine Capital uses data from a survey conducted among twenty companies to understand the lead generation profiles of fast growing SaaS startups and the typical lifecycle of lead generation channels in “Early Stage Lead Gen Analysis


From the Operators 

Patrick McKenzie of Stripe provides a detailed and reflective essay on what happened in many aspects of his personal and professional life in “Kalzumeus Software Year In Review 2016

Andrew Chen of Uber describes how living in the Bay Area has profoundly and fundamentally changed him in “10 Years in the Bay Area - What I’ve Learned

Egor Driagin of Conversion chats with Ruben Gamez of BidSketch on how to ‘get’ inside your customer’s head, reduce churn and effectively test pricing in “The Journey of Reducing Churn

John Saddington of Pinpoint shares how his team has invested in marketing from day #1 as much as product in "Marketing: Leaving Nothing to Just Chance

Drew Wilson of Plasso walks through the how and why of what he purchased for his first ever startup office in “How I Decked Out My Startup's Office for Under $6k

Curated with love by Nick Frost.
Happy New Year! 
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