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My magic number for the year...

2017-01-05 09:43:59


Happy New Year!

I hope all is well and you're looking forward to 2017 as much as I am. I just published a post related to a major financial goal I hope to achieve this year, and why it's more important than just the money.

Here's the link:

Click here to see what I'm shooting for.

I also invite you to come by and share your top goal for the year. We'll come back to this later and see how things play out for the both of us.

Lastly, one more thing related to goal setting that's going to fun...

Every year my friend Ramit Sethi (4-time guest on the podcast) sets a new goal for himself. Sometimes it’s a big goal, like in 2007 when he wrote a New York Times bestseller. Other times it’s something simple, like a few years ago when he decided to go to the gym every day for the whole year.

His goal for 2017?

This year, Ramit wants to help 15,000+ people accomplish their #1 goal by March 31. And it gets better: for everyone who does it, he’ll donate $1,000 to the Make-A-Wish Foundation (up to $25,000).

To do this, he's hosting The Bucket List Challenge, which starts on Tuesday, January 10th. I'm following along myself, and you can register for this challenge here:

Click here to register for The Bucket List Challenge

Ramit's one of the smartest guys I know who always goes above and beyond testing his material before sharing it, so I'm confident he'll be able to surpass his goal.

Thanks in advance for all the action you'll be taking this year, you got this!