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5 questions you need to think about

2017-01-05 09:43:59


I'm so excited for 2017!

I'm a huge fan of higher level, strategic questions. I love questions that make me think, and help me look for the blind spots in my life.

They're good to look at whenever I feel "stuck" on what I should be focusing on.

So I'm going to share with you 5 questions I think are relevant for the new year (Let me know if you want more in a future email, my Evernote has 100+ of them)

I've compiled 5 "big thinking" questions for you to ponder.

1. What could destroy your business in the next 90 days?

If any one event were to destroy your business in the next 90 days, what would it be?

Yes, a business can easily be destroyed in 90 days. Lehman brothers was around for 158 years before the scandals happened.

I asked my friend this and he had a look of dread across his face. Long story short, he was a few years behind on taxes. I kept pushing him to finish it.

Now? He's not stressing as much with that money off his back.

What about lawsuits? Doesn't matter if you made $1 million from running shady stuff, if you end up getting sued for everything. So start protecting yourself.

Think and look for the blindspots. What you don't see is what ends up hurting you.

2. What would have to change in your business in the next 6 months for you to make the same amount of money, but only work 1 hour a day?

I got this question from my friend Tim Francis. I mentioned in a previous email that I'm always working on "firing myself."

By delegating more and more, I can re-allocate my time towards higher leverage activities.

If your business can't function without you, then you don't have a business, you're self-employed.

Here's an example from my life:

It used to take me 3 hours to write a blog post. Now it only takes me an hour.

I hired a managing editor a few months back. I'll spend an hour writing the initial draft of the post and the content.

He edits, adds the pictures, does the SEO, formats it, etc.

Because of this, I can write two posts each week now instead of one.

Instead of saying I can't, always ask That's how breakthroughs are made.

3. Would you still be with everyone if you could start over again?

This is zero based decision making

* Look at your employees. Would you ENTHUSIASTICALLY rehire them again?

* Would you re-enter a relationship again with your significant other if you had to start over?

* Look at all your friends. Would you be friends with them again? Or are you just friends because there's so much history?

Answer these questions honestly.

Imagine a new Ferrari. Everything could be perfect, but what if the transmission was faulty?

Then the whole car could break down.

That's life. Make sure every part is running smoothly.

If something's broken, then replace or upgrade the part.

I know this is a little Machiavellian sounding, but people are everything and they can make or break you.

4. What are the growing industry trends that could threaten your business model?

Blockbuster got destroyed by Netflix. They never saw it coming and they died.

You know who's threatening Costco now?


Not many households wanna pay that $55 a year for Costco AND pay the $99 a year for Amazon Prime.

Netflix saw the trend that studios / TV networks were pulling their content away.

If Netflix doesn't have as many shows / movies then there's no business model.

How are they addressing this?

They've allocated $6 billion dollars to original content in 2017.

Smart move. I can't cancel now because I'm addicted to House of Cards and their anime.

What are the trends facing you as an affiliate marketer now? How are you going to address them?

It's better to face your threats head on, than to get caught with you pants down.

5. Are you going for the big wins, or optimizing at the margins?

This is a really interesting question I heard from Ramit Sethi.

Basically, we focus too much on shit that doesn't matter.

Let's say you're trying to lose weight. You should be focusing on your diet and going to the gym.

That's all.

The bigger win would be creating systems and focusing on how to make the behavior more attainable.

Here's an example of how I do this in different areas of my life

But what do we do instead? (I have been guilty of this in the past).

*We chase the bright shiny object and change workout routines every month.

*We spend money on supplements that make 5% different at the most.

How does this apply to your affiliate marketing campaigns?

A big win is to always ensure that you're on the BEST offer. The BEST offer is literally the difference between losing money, and a 200% ROI campaign.

What is optimizing the margins in affiliate marketing? Worrying about the latest landing page script that barely impacts the bottom line, or testing the color of your buttons.

ALWAYS go for the big wins, and only touch margins once you've maximized everything else.

I guess this is similiar to 80 / 20 thinking, but the phrase "optimizing the margins" gave me a new perspective.

How to Dominate Your goals in 2017 (instead of being disappointed again)

My guess is that 50% of people are either hungover or still partying today.

But they're still promising themselves that this year will be "the one".

Then they come down off their holiday high, they return to work, and things go back to the way they were.

I wanna make sure you don't fall into that trap, so I shot an 11 minute video on the 5 steps I use to virtually guarantee that I achieve my goals.

This is my PERSONAL system, and it's worked for me for a long time.

Don't try to learn through trial and error - stand on my shoulders and just take what works.

My 5-Step Process for Achieving Goals >>>

New Year Strategies

You read to keep learning every day, but reading is also good to inspire you to keep pushing forward.

Here are 6 powerful articles to help you plan for 2017 and finally get what you want this year:

  1. Why you Fail to Create New habits by James Clear
  2. Why Resolutions Fail (And How To Do It Instead) by Ramit Sethi
  3. How To Focus On The Essential by Me
  4. My Monthly Planning Blueprint by Me
  5. What Tim Ferriss Learned in 2016 (Podcast)
  6. My 30 Biggest Life Lessons by Me

2017 is going to be a huge year for me. Wanna know what my goals are?

Too bad...if I share them with you then I'll probably not accomplish them. You shouldn't share your goals either.

Watch this video > >

I'll just let my results speak for itself.

This is going to be a big year for you. A few words of wisdom.

* Drop the distractions. Don't let instant gratification steer you away from your dreams.

* Are people hating on you? Everyone pities the weak, but jealousy is earned. Remember, a lion's not concerned with the opinion of sheep.

* Never let a single day go to waste. Always move forward.

* Think bigger. You're capable of more than you know.

* Call your mama more

Lets crush 2017!

Talk soon,
Charles "new year, more relentless me" Ngo

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