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One Quick Question. . .

2017-01-05 09:43:58


As you know, I'm always doing my best to better understand you and what you do so that I can better serve you with relevant email content down the road.

As such, I'll be asking you questions from time to time and if an answer is relevant to you, please click on it. This helps me "tag" you as someone who is interested in that type of content.

If it doesn't relate to you, don't click on it. No problem! That's exactly what I want you to do so that I don't clutter your inbox with stuff that doesn't matter to you.

It becomes a win for both of us, and a sort of "choose your adventure" sequence for you. My quick question to you in this particular email is this:

Do you have a podcast? Click on an answer below if it's relevant to you:


Yes, I do have a podcast.


No podcast yet, but I'm interested in starting one soon.

If you don't have a podcast and are not interested in starting one yet, don't click on the links, and you're good to go!

Either way, you've taught me something about what you're up to, which helps me help you better. I appreciate it, and I look forward to sending you more relevant content soon!