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What you missed last week on ShoeMoney Jan. 3, 2017

2017-01-05 09:43:58

What you missed last week on ShoeMoney:

Affiliate Marketing isn’t Dying, But You Need to Adapt or Die
Times are changing. You need to keep up. If you're in affiliate marketing, and you haven't made these changes yet, what are you waiting for?
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I Loved This Book About Managing Your Money
I never really understood money management, investing and personal finance stuff. Until reading this book, which makes it all seem logical and easy.
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5 Reasons “Going Viral” is Total SEO BS
Going viral is the white whale of SEO, and it's time to stop wasting your time. Here's why it's a total myth (and what you should focus on instead).
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Enhance your productivity while working – Momentum Extension for Google Chrome
Momentum can simply be defined as a Google Chrome extension, which is specifically designed to enhance the productivity of the users.
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SEO Conferences May Be Dangerous To Your Marriage
There used to be a time when husbands and wives who were left at home while their partners went off to conferences had to worry about whether they were real
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How to Discreetly Hookup at a Search or Affiliate Conference
Earlier this week I talked about how SEO conferences could effect your marriage. Now I wanted to talk about how to discreetly hook up.
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How to Save Money on Your Email Marketing
Recently I decided to re-activate one of my email lists (that is, to start sending emails to the subscribers again). The list has around 50,000 subscribers, so I started comparing the prices of email marketing providers for a list of that size. Guess what, I wasn't too happy with what I found!
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