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The quest to change the world...

2017-01-05 09:43:58

There are few conversations that will open your eyes a bit and permanently alter your outlook on life, but this was one of them for me.
Brian Johnson is the creator of Philosopher's Notes. 
They've been hugely successful, and if you haven't heard of them before... well you should have! :)
I got on the phone a while back to talk to Brian all about his thoughts on:
- conscious business
- optimal living
- the lifestyle businesses he and his wife have created 
(which have allowed them to live for a year in Bali and elsewhere!)
- what it means to follow your bliss
- 10 Universal Truths!
- and how entrepreneurship is the engine for change in the world!
This was such a transformative conversation for me, I HAVE to share it with everyone who joins the Thrilling Heroics community.
Brian shares the wisdom he's cultivated over years and shows us why it is of the utmost importance to conduct business ethically, to develop great value to share with the people around you - in business and in life - and most importantly, to have a positive mission with your business, to embody and champion a positive change you want to see in the world.
This was recorded in its entirety for my mentorship students inside our private community, but here's a taster for you to enjoy
This was truly a life-altering conversation for me. I hope you find it almost as impactful.
Follow your bliss,
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