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⚠️_[Special]_The_ONLY_Leadpages,_Drip_&_Center_?= Bundle_Ever?

2017-01-05 09:43:50

Announcing: The ONLY Leadpages, Center, and Drip Bundle Ever

For the first time ever, you can get a bundle of all 3 Leadpages products—at a substantial discount. (This ends Saturday at midnight.)


Time left to get our End Of The Year Promotion

We’re doing something we’ve never done (and likely will never do again). 

We’re giving you one chance to get a bundle of Leadpages, Drip, and Center . . . for just the price of Leadpages.

From now until midnight on New Year’s Eve, we’re giving you access to both Drip and Center when you purchase a Pro Annual membership of Leadpages. 

When you purchase a Pro Annual membership this week, you’ll get . . .

  • $500 worth of Drip: Drip is our hands-down favorite email and marketing automation platform. With Drip, you can easily build (and automate) entire email campaigns in minutes. When you purchase Leadpages this week, we’ll give you $500 in Drip credits that you can use for any paid Drip account in 2017. 
  • 3 months of Center: With Center, you can tie all your marketing tools together, so you can create complex segments, see what your best leads are doing, and reach out automatically to your potential customers. This week, we’ll give you 3 months of Center when you purchase Leadpages.
  • 4 free months of Leadpages: When you purchase a Pro annual Leadpages membership, you’ll automatically save 38% off the monthly cost. That’s the same as getting 4 months of Pro Leadpages features at no extra cost. 

To get all this, you just need to purchase (or upgrade to) a Pro Annual Leadpages membership before midnight on New Year’s Eve. 

Again, we’re not likely to do this again. So I hope you’ll take advantage of it.

Go here to get started right now.

We’ll talk to you soon.

To higher conversions, 
Clay Collins, CEO

P.S. Again, to get in on this: You need to purchase a Pro Annual Leadpages membership (or upgrade to one) by 11:59 PM on New Year’s Eve. Go here to get started.