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[Video 3] What Products You Should Sell

2016-11-30 09:46:42

This is the third video in your blog training series. Today we focus on something that so many people get stuck on...

What products are you going to sell?

Watch this video and I'll explain what product formats sell best and introduce you to my Blog Sales Funnel, the ENGINE that drives the machine you will use to sell your products.

Video 3: What Products Can You Sell ]

Blog Profits Blueprint 2016 Training Video 3

This video comes with a companion handout, which includes an infographic picture of the Blog Sales Funnel.

You can print the picture, or save it on your computer, and use it as inspiration for the amazing online business you are going to create.

I've also included some questions on the handout that prompt you to come up with ideas for your products. 

Use the handout to plan your future product empire! 

You can download the handout next to training video three.

The Last Video Is Coming Up

The fourth and final video in this series will be delivered to your email inbox very soon.

In it I will reveal how you can take the next step with your online business.

I'll see you there,

Yaro Starak 



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