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How to Achieve Whatever You Want with Michael Gerber

2017-01-05 09:43:46


I hope you're resting and relaxing over this festive season. I really treasured a super relaxing and chilled out Christmas Day with my family, with lots of quality time to reflect and enjoy.

And that's led to further introspection and reflection in the days after about ...well almost everything!

Life, business, friendships, relationships, the future, habits, intentions, changes, fitness and more. I guess it's that time of the year when it's natural you take stock on all that's happened in close to 365 days.

I decided to share my Annual Review for 2016 in this transparent video.

Perhaps it seems even more poignant as we head into this final few days of the year, as it's an end of an era for me.

The Suitcase Entrepreneur podcast is coming to an end with episode 300 going live on the final day of the year.

I mean 300 episodes and interviews with so many fascinating, insightful and inspiring people - it doesn't even seem real.

It does however, seem fitting that my FINAL ever interview with a guest on the Suitcase Entrepreneur podcast is with Michael Gerber.

This famous author of the E-Myth has inspired tens of millions of people with his books and work over the last 40 years, and he certainly changed the way I viewed my business when I read his book back in 2009.

He's been on a mission (for slightly longer than I've been alive), to change the face of small business and the mindset of entrepreneurs the world over!

He was excited when I suggest we have a conversation around whether freedom in business is possible, and is a lifestyle business really just a cop out for hard work and committing to work for life.

I'm not going to lie at times we butted heads at times, and I guess he's known as the Chief Aggravator for a reason.

I agree with many of his principles and others not but I think overall this interview captured both our points of views.

I hope you take a listen as I'd love to know what you think.

You can play and download the interview directly here.

Or you can find it on iTunes here.

PS. Before I head off on holidays I'll shoot you a quick email with a special compilation podcast coming out this week that I think you'll love. It's all about how to make 2017 an awesome year from some of my most popular guests.

PPS. My podcast is not ending, it's just changing format in the New Year to Natalie Sisson's Quest for Freedom - more on that in the upcoming episode 300!

Natalie xo