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Out-perform Your Current Adsense CTR with Optimal Ad Layouts!

2016-12-20 22:18:25

Adsense is a simple game of impressions, clicks and CPC...

In a nutshell, you need:
  • Traffic
  • Clicks
  • Profitable keywords
I'm not going to discuss traffic or keywords in this email
because entire courses have been dedicated to those topics.

... Instead, the focus will be on CTR (click through rate)

Because while traffic and keywords take effort to cultivate, a 
high CTR is as simple as testing a select number of optimal
ad layouts.

Now, of course, every niche is different. The best ad layout for
one niche could be a complete dud for another. There are, HOWEVER
3 ad layouts that usually perform the best

Brendan Mace
Brendan Mace

Vernon BC V1H 1K3