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What Is The Best Product To Sell Online??

2016-12-19 23:52:56

This is a daunting question the first time you face it...

What is the best product or service to sell from your blog or new online business?

A course? ebook? membership site? webinars? videos? home study program? print newsletter? ...or ???

Plus how do you decide the price? and what about upsells? What is the best sequence and pricing points?

I was guessing when I first tried to figure this out, but today after selling over a million dollars online, I have a much better understanding.

Let me help you answer this question:

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Have you ever asked any of these questions... 

  • Should you sell an ebook or deliver the same content in a course?
  • When should you charge a one time fee versus a subscription fee?
  • Should you aim to sell a low priced product so you can sell more copies, or a higher priced product so you make more money per sale?
  • What product should be sold first, and what should be an upsell to that first product?
  • Should you focus on one big product or have a range of products and services for sale?

These were all questions going through my head ten years ago when I was about to create my first product. 

Today I have a much more clarity and know exactly how to decide what product to sell first.

If you're still confused, read this - 

Talk soon,

Yaro Starak 


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