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a life of limitless possibilities

2016-12-19 14:04:47

By now I'm hoping you've seen my bucket list.
A bucket list, or life list, is sort of a list of all the wild and crazy things you want to do, to have, and to be in your life. All the places you want to see. . .
. . . before you kick the bucket, that is.
After everything we've discussed and all the amazing people you've learned about along the way, if you haven't already, it's time for YOU to set some insanely heroic goals!
Leave your comment and let me know which ones you want to do together, or what's on YOUR list?
Since making MY first Life Goals List around 2006 or so, I went from Mr.-Boring-Office-Job to visiting over 35 countries and counting (can't keep track anymore!), LIVING in 7 different countries already (on 4 continents!), having a beach house with 180-degree ocean views on a beautiful Thai island, and crossing TONS of things off my list.
It basically helped get my ass in gear and become MUCH more ambitious.
But I'll share more about my lifestyle and adventures another time. AND more importantly more about how YOU can achieve every one of the items on your Bucket List successfully!
But for now, just get yourself ready for a life of unlimited freedom and dream BIG!
Every journey starts with the first step. . . and in order to achieve big things first you have to know where you're going. So make sure you check this out and leave a comment for me. ;)
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