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From My "Happy Ending" to Yours!

2016-12-18 09:41:38

A few minutes ago I sent you an email. 

It's about an awesome new method that
Mosh just revealed to the public today. 

I honestly had never heard of it before...

And I've been online for years. 

Seriously guys, for a few ducks, you really
cannot go wrong with this one.

Before sending you  these emails... I almost
had my first Thai "happy ending"

What started as a friendly Thai Massage turned
into a very weird experience. 

The lovely Thai lady asked if I wanted one... A
happy ending that is...

I had no idea what that meant, but it sounded

Before the lady went for the lube bottle, Lindsay
filled me in from the other room. 

Safe to say... I skipped on that Happy Ending. 

But... If you give me a quick "reply" to this email
and let me know where you're reading this from,
I can have the real happy ending I'm looking for. 

To be connected to a like minded person :)

Email me. Click the "Reply" button above. 

And if you want a happy ending for yourself,
get Mosh Bari's new course:

This one is well worth it, and it's a SUPER
deal for the next few hours. 

Make it happen!!
Brendan Mace
Brendan Mace
9218 Kokanee Rd.
Vernon BC V1H 1K3