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Congrats, we broke the damn thing

2016-12-17 19:19:00

What a mess!

Yesterday I sent out this email about a cant-miss new affiliate marketing sales funnel/list-building system that costs about the same as a large cup of joe at a premium coffee house. 

But... unfortunately, we sent so many people to the site that the server crashed!

So if you tried to click-thru to check it out and the linked failed please accept my apologies. The good news is that the link is fixed now.

Yes, the money IS IN THE LIST. If you want to build a business that generates solid, predictable income you need to build a list.

But to do that you first need to:

  • Build a landing page
  • Create a free gift to attract visitors to join your mailing list
  • Find products to promote as an affiliate
  • Write an email series

It can take days or weeks depending on how fast you work, and IF you have the skills to pull all these off.

How about taking the smart ‘shortcut’?

=> Click Here

Here you get not 1… not 2… but 8 complete list building funnels already done for you!

Have a super weekend! 

Sincerely - Bill