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Mattermark Daily - Thursday, December 15th, 2016

2016-12-15 23:22:05

2017 IPO Market, De-Risking Your Startup, and 10 must-read posts by Fred Wilson, Steli Efti, Josh Pigford, Julia Mitelman, and more.

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Thursday, December 15, 2016

2017’s IPO Market: Big And Shiny Things

2016's IPO market was a bust. But many companies that you had expected to go out this year, may make it out in 2017. Here's one experts take on why.



From the Investors

Angela Tran Kingyens of Version One Ventures summarizes the market roller-coaster we’ve all experienced this year and how their portfolio performed in this environment in “A Year in Review: 2016

Leo Polovets of Susa Ventures lists 16 thought experiments that founders can use to better understand their company's' strengths, weaknesses, and key risk areas in “How to Use Thought Experiments to De-Risk Your Startup"

Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures gives his thoughts and observations on the year end review and planning process in “Planning For Next Year

Ash Rust of Trinity Ventures outlines the metrics you need to know to get a VC excited in "Know These Numbers for Your VC Meeting"

Mahesh Vellanki of Redpoint Ventures elaborates on the fake news controversy with his opinions on what it means for social media companies going forward in “Online Tech Platforms Must Be Held Accountable For Fake News


From the Operators 

Julia Mitelman of OneLeap dives into the history of where product and strategy-driven companies came from in “The Evolution of Product & Strategy

Jeff Haynie of Pinpoint reflects on his previous startup and codifies some powerful lessons-learned in " 5 Things I Will Do Differently in my Next Startup"

Greg Davidson of Artsy offers his experience and advice for expanding sales teams into European markets in "Building a Sales Team in Europe: Lessons Learned"

Steli Efti of walks through four steps to grow sustainably beyond your first 1,000 customers in “From 1k to 10k Customers

Josh Pigford of Baremetrics and Wade Foster of Zapier talk about the business impact of features, how to make use of partnerships, managing a fully remote team, and more in “Founder Chats: Wade Foster

Curated with love by Nick Frost.
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