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One More Bonus! (Cart closes today)

2016-12-15 23:22:05

Hi I hope you're well!

After today, the Best Year Ever Course from Michael Hyatt will no longer be available. I wanted to add 1 more awesome bonus into the mix for everyone who ends up taking the course with me.

In addition to the Private Facebook Group you'll get access to, I'm also going to host two LIVE webinars just for you in January.

On these live webinars I'll be doing a little bit of training, but we'll spend most of the time doing Q&A on anything you'd like to know about. Each webinar will be two hours long.

Michael and his team will send me a list of students who signed up through my link tomorrow (12/16), and I'll be sending you more information about access to all of the bonuses then!

Let's set ourselves up for massive success next year! The cart closes at 11:59pm Pacific tonight:

Click here to grab the course and get your name in for the bonuses.