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2016-12-15 10:16:26

Hello dear reader!
The other day I told you about what MY idea of perfect freedom looks like - what MY dream lifestyle is all about. 
But what about yours??
One of the frustrations I hear MOST frequently from my friends, young professionals, college students, and my blog readers, is that they really don't know "where to go next" or what to do with their life. 
You might get a great education, but most people are never taught how to discover their purpose and do work that they're passionate about. 

It took me a LONG time to discover my passion and start doing work that inspires me. 
I worked 17 jobs during my teens and early twenties. 
Then I discovered there was a need that I could fill with my technical skills, and I started my own web development business. 
But only recently did I really figure out that I need to get SPECIFIC and seek projects that get me truly excited if I'm going to really succeed.
Over time I've made a transition from a programmer, slowly, to more of a teacher and mentor - trying to spend more time with clients that inspire ME, on more meaningful campaigns to spread their messages around the world. . .
. . . and working 1-on-1 with more and more ambitious, motivated people who have decided that they too want to take the heroic path in life.
And as a matter of fact, now I have this fool-proof, straightforward exercise I take my coaching clients through to help them examine their lives and discover their passions and potential ideas for what they could excel at in their careers. . .
And more importantly, ideas for how they could go out on their own and make a successful business!
It works like a charm EVERY time! Really unlocks a lot of key insights for anyone who's never delved deep into their passions and desires before. . .
But anyways, I digress - perhaps I'll share that simple exercise with you in a future email -
But first, TODAY I want to share one of the most empowering articles I've EVER read . . .
. . . that will help YOU discover your OWN passion:

Steven Roberts was one of the original digital nomads. Here's a stunning 1992 essay he wrote about following your own path.
It was so good I had to make friends with him and persuade him to let me reprint it on Thrilling Heroics!
I hope you enjoy this one, and I hope it helps motivate you to go find what you love doing and make a prosperous living at it!
Until next time,
Live Remarkably!

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