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Generosity is a form of power

2016-12-15 10:16:24


Finally back in Miami! I've been on the road 70% of this quarter so it feels great to be back to my routines. Nothing like the feeling of sleeping in your own bed.

So last week I was in Bangkok for the Affiliate World Asia conference. Here's a quick recap of what went down.

I started Sunday by throwing an epic party with Mpire network and WWWPromoter. I was kinda stressed out all weekend preparing for the conference.

And tbh, no one really wants to spend their birthday working.


But man, 600+ nerd ballers showed up to the party and showed me mad love. Also I got a surprise birthday cake and a samurai sword to cut it with.

Thanks to everyone who showed up, you guys made my night!

Also a big shoutout to the sponsors Mpire and WWWPromoter. Throwing a party for this many people took a lot of planning (and monies). Check them out and tell em Ngo sent you.

I did my speech the next day on the main stage at AWA with my friend Benjamin Yong. We reviewed different white hat campaigns and gave away some gems on angles / landing pages.

From what I hear, the feedback was great.

It's my 4th time in a row speaking at AW events and always an honor going on stage.

I don't get nervous anymore when I speak. Dude, I use to throw up minutes before speaking backstage.

Remember that everything in life is a skill, and you can only improve through practice.

It's really that simple. You suck at something. You put the reps in until you don't suck anymore. Then one day you're decent!

I just summarized 50% of motivational books for you.

I didn't get to explore the conference much because of my speech preparation + private meetings.

But from what I saw, the Affiliate World crew really stepped their game up this time. Props to them!

Here are my 2017 conference plans so far:

* Affiliate Summit West (January in Las Vegas)

* Traffic & Conversion Summit (March in San Diego)

* Affiliate World Europe (June in Berlin)

* Affiliate World Asia (December in Bangkok)

I'm so burned out from conferences and traveling, but I've never been to a conference before that I didn't make my money back.

It only takes one valuable tip or connection to take things to the next level. (just make sure you have balance and have time to implement)

No one wants your starbucks gift cards

The holidays are coming up and it's time for gift shopping.

This is a great opportunity for you to strengthen your network and relationships. A thoughtful gift can really take your relationship to the next level.

Affiliate managers, traffic source managers, friends, contractors, employees, etc.

I organized everything on an excel sheet and budgeted 5-figures for business gifts (Not trying to humble brag, just showing you how serious I am about this)

I remember hearing that "Generosity is a form of power" in House of Cards. The more you give, the more people wanna give back.

No idea what to buy people? I've bought a lot of gifts for people over the years, so I'm starting to get quite good at it.

I've put it into 3 categories so you can shop according to your budget. Don't let a lack of funds stop you from being creative with gifts.

The Ngo Christmas Gift Guide for 2016 > > >

How to not be such a shady, disgusting, filthy affiliate marketer

I know some of you guys want to become an affiliate marketer, but you don't want to be associated with anything unethical (this industry does have some shady stuff in it).

There ARE options out there, and the trend for the industry is leading towards more white hat. Why? Lets say there's a lot of power when you're working WITH the traffic source vs. against it.

There are guys making insane money doing everything 100% whitehat.

I've released a list of whitehat verticals that affiliates are crushing it in. You don't have to worry about anything except the marketing.

What Campaigns Can You Run Whitehat? > > >

Offers overload, which ones do you pick?

When you first look at your affiliate network's dashboard, you see thousands of offers. And it seems every affiliate manager is throwing you "hot offers."

There's only so many offers you can test, so you need to start developing a system to pick which offers to run.

Check out some of the questions I like to ask before I start running an offer.

The 7 Questions To Ask When Evaluating Affiliate Offers > > >

Talk soon,
Charles "No one believes I'm 32" Ngo

P.S. I set aside a few hours this week to shoot some videos.

Subscribe to me on YouTube so you'll see em as soon as they're uploaded.

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