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2016-11-29 13:59:38

Sunday, November 27th, 2016 features posts by Sam Altman, Elaine Stead, Joe Hovde, Susan Su, Scott Crosby, and more.

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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Hiring At The Biggest Unicorn Companies Shows No Signs Of Slowing (Read)

Unicorn liquidity may pick up next year, but that hasn’t stopped rapid staffing among the most valuable private companies. Which groups of unicorns are hiring the fastest and the most? Rowley reports for Mattermark.


Editor's Note: scroll down to discover 11 open startup/VC jobs


Weekly Digest: Top 10 Featured Posts

Li Jiang of GSV outlines a list of companies in the Bay Area he thinks balance both stability and upside in “10 Startups To Work At In 2017”  

Sam Altman of Y Combinator finds that many founders hurt their companies by seeking growth too soon and encourages them to focus on building something people love in “Before You Grow

Sammy Abdullah of Blossom Street Ventures looks at the IPOs of 73 tech companies to determine CEO salary levels at exit in "The Median Level of CEO Salaries at Exit"

Pawel Chudzinski of Point Nine Capital explains why founders should “push back hard on complicated and aggressive liquidation preferences” in “Why Liquidation Preferences Can Make Your Startup Worse.”

Elaine Stead of Blue Sky VC presents a scenario that could put some companies at risk of insolvency or losing all the investors money and outlines a few hard truths for entrepreneurs in “You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

Joe Hovde of Ramen Profitable breaks down the reading habits of successful venture capitalists in “What do Elite Venture Investors Read Every Morning?

Screen Shot 2016-11-27 at 2.58.49 PM.png 

Susan Su of REFORGE provides an in-depth growth case study that covers how Ipsy structured an influencer / content strategy for their $300M ARR subscription e-commerce business in “$800M Valuation Through Influencer-Driven Content Marketing

Erin Frey of Kip uncovers patterns in how founders experience anxiety and depression in “Riding the Emotional Startup Curve

Scott Crosby formerly of Euclid details the unlikely origin story of Google Analytics from 1996–2005-ish in “Urchin Software Corp.

Matt Bilotti of Drift expands on themes discussed at a product dinner that spanned scaling products to offering customization as a service for your customers in “Dinner With The Product Core


The Changing Value Of ARR IV.75

Here’s what Salesforce’s earnings tell us about the state of SaaS.



Falling Cloud Prices Could Provide Welcome Boon To Cash-Strapped Startups

The cloud price wars are not over. Here's a quick note quick note on a trend that is tough on giants but great for startups.



Startup & VC Job Openings

Mattermark - Sales, Product, Engineering in San Francisco.

Tout - Senior Rails Engineer in San Francsico.

Angeloop - Data-Driven Marketing Internship in Oakland, CA.

AndChill - Senior Engineers in New York City.

YipitData - Data Product Associate in New York City.

Matterport - Sales, Product, Marketing, Engineering in Multiple Locations.

pymetrics - Head of Sales in London, UK.

Converge - Hardware/ Embedded Systems Engineer - London, UK.

Right Click Capital - Venture Associate in Sydney, Australia.

Founder Collective - Senior Associate in Cambridge, MA.

Aspiration - Senior Investment Professional in Los Angeles.

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