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Over $500... ??

2016-12-12 18:19:49

If the Google Adwords, Facebook credit, and the other free money marketing (included in your hosting account) was not enough .... 

When you get your Black Belt in the ShoeMoney Network I am also going to throw in for free my best selling courses:

  • The ShoeMoney System ($200) - This is an all incompasing advanced course covering all aspects of making money online.   Over 100 hours of content!
  • The ShoeMoney BluePrint ($200) - Own a local business or want to start your own marketing company for local businesses?  I lay it all out for you right here!

These courses together have sold over 25,000 copies and grossed over ten million dollars.

But when you get your black belt I will give them to you 100% FREE. 

Login now and continue your journey! -


Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker

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