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62yr Old Blogger Makes 46K A Month

2016-12-09 21:23:36

Years ago I sent an email out asking for success stories from people who had graduated from my Blog Mastermind program.

Joel Friedlander

I was blown away by all the amazing people who replied, however one person stood out...

His name is Joel Friedlander, and I loved his story because of how late he started blogging.

I get a lot of emails from people asking me whether they are 'too old' to start a blog.

Every time this question comes in, I send them straight to this interview with Joel to see that it's never too late to start an online business. You can listen to it here - 

During the interview Joel said some really nice things about how much my training helped me, which he happily gave me permission to share with you -

“I went through Blog Mastermind in 2010, and it taught me just about everything I needed to know to get my blog up and running quickly. At the time I was 62 and, although technologically competent, new to the world of blogging.

Your course put me on track to build the biggest authority blog in my niche (independent book publishing), get speaking engagements all over the country, skyrocketed the prices for my services and consulting, and eventually spun off a highly profitable e-commerce site in 2013, with another one in 2014.

My blog has consistently been voted one of the best in its field, I was named “one of the 10 publishing pros to follow online” in 2014 by Writer’s Digest, and many other kudos. A couple of weeks ago I ran an affiliate promotion from my blog that grossed $33k in about 5 days. And it all started with Blog Mastermind.”

I'd love for you to listen in to Joel's interview. I know his story will inspire you to begin your own blog based online business.

You will also learn how exactly Joel built his online audience, including his email list, how he makes money and what he did when he was just getting started.

Enjoy the interview,

Yaro Starak 

P.S. After you listen to Joel's story I know you're going to be super inspired to follow in his footsteps. 

You can take the brand new version of the same program he went through (with me as your coach too), starting now.

Don't delay this decision, doors are closing - 



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