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Here's How to Setup An Affiliate Tracker

2016-12-09 09:51:56

You need to install an affiliate tracking software. 

Theoretically you can run a campaign without tracking software, but that's like driving across the United States without a map or GPS.  

The tracking software is going to tell you crucial information like which landing pages, ads, and times of the day your campaign performs the best.  


There are tons of trackers out there...I recommend Voluum. Their servers are hosted on the cloud so your clicks are going to redirect as fast as possible. 

It's the software that the top affiliates use, and it's what I use.  

By the way Voluum's not free. To be frank, every good piece of tracking software isn't going to be free. (They have to cover development and hosting costs). Think of it as investing in your business.  

Don't worry if you're not technical...I created a guide that tells you step-by-step how to install Voluum. 

Sign up and setup Voluum --->  

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