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Best Year Ever Early Bird Bonuses!

2016-12-09 09:51:55


I'm excited to not only be a student, but also a huge supporter of Michael Hyatt's Best Year Ever Program! Early bird pricing ends today, but I wanted to quickly let you know about the two awesome bonuses that I'll be offering for those who end up taking this course with me...

Bonus #1: A Private, SPI Only Best Year Ever Facebook Group

First, you'll get access to a special and private Facebook Group I'm setting up where SPI Community members and I will go through the course together. We'll all share our goals, hold each other accountable, and share wins, too. Michael has his own private Facebook Group that comes with the course, but I know personally that when these groups get too big, it can be hard to get responses and feel engaged. Ours will be much smaller, and perhaps more useful for you since many of us will share common business goals!

Bonus #2: A Brand New "Serve First" Tee + a Donation to Pencils of Promise!

Second, for those who purchase today before early bird pricing ends and the price goes up, I'll be sending you one of my brand new Serve First tees for free, and I'll even pay for shipping! Here's a link in case you want to see what the shirt is like.

I just released these limited shirts yesterday. They go for $25 each, and what's cool is that with every sale, I'm donating the entire $25 to an organization I'm an advisor for, Pencils of Promise, which builds schools for kids around the world who don't have easy access to education.

And yes, even though I'll be giving you this shirt for free, I'll still donate $25 to Pencils of Promise for you!

If you've already purchased Michael's BYE course, you will definitely get a shirt as well. And for those who already purchased a shirt and are going to get Michael's course with me, you'll get a refund for your shirt purchase too. :)

The FB group bonus stays until the cart closes on December 15th. The shirt bonus is only available today, before the countdown timer below ends and the price goes up for the course:

Bonus info (for the Facebook Group and/or tee) will be emailed to you after the entire sale is over, so likely the 16th or 17th of December. We'll have record of your purchase from Michael and when you bought. So make sure you get in now while the price is low and the tee is still available!

Click Here to take Michael's Best Year Ever Course with me!

Thanks again, and I look forward to crushing 2017 with you! Cheers!