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Giving People True Value

2016-12-09 09:51:54

A month or so ago I was watching this video on YouTube with John Reese,  Frank Kern, and Tony Robbins were talking about their frustrations in that people who buy their training programs rarely take action.   The really interesting thing is when they talked about how the SAME people keep buying products  for thousands of dollars and then email them email them saying they don't know how to get started. That video really got me thinking.  After all - I have sold over 25,000 units of my 2 training products  (over ten million dollars worth) focused on educating people on how to make money online.  

But my price points are not thousands... they are at most $200 so that can't be the same with me?  Right? So I started crunching numbers.  And this blew me away - less than 1% of the people that purchased these products ever logged in more than 3 times. In that video Tony Robbins suggested it was a lack of confidence to get started but more so the lack of instant gratification. He asked John and Frank how they started and they all brought it back to making their first dollar on the internet. I can tell you for me it was an unreal experience.  In fact to be perfectly honest,  making my first dollar online was more exciting to me than when I made my first million dollars online.  

Making your first dollar online gives you the confidence to move forward - and sky's the limit. But that's kind of how it goes with anything.  I digress a bit but I sucked at baseball until I hit my first home run.  That first one was MUCH more more exciting than when I hit my 100th... But when you goto the plate 3 times in a row and strike out... you're done.  You never got to first base.  You don't want to play anymore. Between that video,  my eye opening stats,  and thinking about how I got started it became clear that in order to make something to give people real value they needed that same confidence to go forward.  I needed them to make their first dollar online in minutes. But instead of selling them a product.  I wanted to do it for free.  

This is a high level view of the course but the initial chapters are:

  • Set up your website - make it look good, make it social and mobile friendly, and install the key plugins to be successful.
  • Build your Facebook page - design tips and tricks, and ninja ways to get quality "likes" for free.
  • Setup up your email list - plug and play prewritten autoresponders and ninja copywriting techniques to captivate your audience and get them to take action
  • Implement a high converting squeeze page with his provided and proven plug and play templates.
Then we tie it all together so it works like an automated cash machine. And again, I pay you each time you complete a key step. After you have completed the groundwork, (and been paid to do it),  you graduate to the ninja training where we take it up a notch. Again a high level overview:
  • Researching high converting offers.
  • Split testing and optimizing
  • Cutting edge conversion techniques.
  • And the list goes on and on.

Again - no strings attached.  This training is completely free.  The results have been amazing! 

 I look at their sites and honestly am blown away

Login now and continue your journey! -


Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker

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