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Blog About Acne = $80,000/yr Income?

2016-12-07 10:06:26

I'd like to introduce you to Tracy Raftl, who started a blog to explain how she cured her acne using natural methods, which turned into an $80,000 a year business.

Tracy Raftl Makes $80,000 A Year Blogging About Acne

Tracy is a graduate of my Blog Mastermind program, and followed a simple formula to turn her blog into a reliable income stream...

She decided to take everything she knew about treating acne and turn these ideas into blog articles.

While she wasn't an overnight success, eventually her hard work paid off as people began to discover her blog and join her email list.

She then got busy creating info products, which she sold to her audience. Today she makes a full time living, approximately $80,000 a year, from her online business.

You can listen in and hear exactly how Tracy did it in this interview I conducted with her -  

Download and listen to the mp3 audio file or read the text transcript and you will go on a journey as we learn what Tracy did to start her blog, get traffic and create best-selling products.

Enjoy the podcast,

Yaro Starak 

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