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Frequently Asked Questions About Location Rebel

2016-12-06 19:53:32

I totally get that the decision to join Location Rebel isn't one to be taken lightly.

Not only does it mark a financial investment, but it's forcing you to make a commitment to yourself to make some serious changes in your life - and that can be really daunting and scary.

To try and help take some of the unknowns and fear out of the decision I wanted to send a quick email that answers some of the most frequently asked questions I receive about the course.

Remember the offer to receive our newest course Rebel Launches (value $297) for FREE when you join LR is only valid for the next 48 hours.

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What’s included in Location Rebel?


Location Rebel is the only course of its type designed to teach you all of the skills necessary to run a lifestyle business from anywhere on Earth.

Inside the member’s only area, you’ll find:

  • 9 Modules of content covering all of the most important things you need to know and learn in order to be a successful lifestyle entrepreneur.
  • 15 (and counting) in depth interviews with successful location independent entrepreneurs that will teach you how to make $1000/month within three months of starting this course
  • 15 simple, step-by-step business blueprints you can copy and paste to start generating income with skills like: SEO, copywriting, web development, design & advertising, project management and more… (Even if you have no prior experience in any of the areas.)
  • Access to discussion forums so you can connect, share and learn from your peers who are going through the same transition as you
  • Interactive worksheets, templates, audio, video and text – to appeal to all different types of learners
  • Expert call library. Every public call I’ve ever done, plus recordings of all our private members only calls
  • Full access to two of my other premium courses Hacking the High Life and Overcoming the Fear of Uncertainty (and if you join in the next 24 hours, Rebel Launches)
  • Much, much more


Can I really quit my job in 6 months using this program?


Yes, you can. However it’s going to take a lot of work on your part. Location Rebel shows you exactly what to do, and how to do it, but you need to be at a place where you’re willing to make the time commitment to yourself to make things happen.

If you aren’t ready to spend at least 10 hours a week on your new venture, then you probably aren’t ready for this program. However if you are, amazing things will happen sooner than you might think.


How quickly can I start making money with Location Rebel?


That depends on how motivated you are to get to work. In the past some members have started making money within the first week of joining the course, others it took a month or more. Much of it is dependent on what type of business you decide to create. If you are going to do SEO writing for instance, it’s much easier to start making money right away than if you decide to become a copywriter.

You could also start by doing SEO writing to make some income, while you build up your copywriting business. There are all sorts of ways to make this work, it’s our job to make sure you find the one that works best for you.

Check out this case study from Blair where he talks about how he made $4k in his first month.


I’m 45 years old and have a family and a mortgage, can I still go through the program?


Of course you can!

This isn’t necessarily about building a business that allows you to take off to a tropical island. Current members are anywhere from 18 to 70 years old.

What Location Rebel will do is allow you to spend more time with your friends and family over time. It will help you create a business and a plan that’s tailored to your lifestyle goals as opposed to just your financial goals – thus giving you a more well-rounded lifestyle as you build your new business.


I don't really care about traveling, I just want more freedom. Is this for me?


100%. A lot of our marketing plays up the idea you can work from anywhere, but the reality? The majority of the people I talk to just want more freedom in their day to day life, would love to be able to work from home or a Starbucks, and don't have crazy dreams of travel.

So regardless of which side of the fence you're on LR is about building a business that gives you freedom - regardless of where you choose to enjoy that freedom :)


How much does Location Rebel cost?


It's funny, in the past I've had a few people expect Location Rebel to be another $2k+ course created by a typical internet marketer (if you ever meet me personally, you'll see how ridiculous that thought is).

While Location Rebel is not $2000, it does require an investment of $497.

There’s an old saying, “If you pay, you pay attention.” Every Location Rebel member has paid to be a part of this community, and because of that, we have one of the highest quality and most dedicated communities on the internet.

The forums are filled with serious entrepreneurs (new and experienced), who have all invested in themselves, their education, and their businesses.

Our goal is that you recoup your investment as quickly as possible - and my blueprints and training materials are designed with this goal of speed in mind.


$497 is a lot of money for me right now, do you have other options?


Yep, we have a $297 entry level version, and we also have a 4 time payment plan to make it easier to spread out the expense. When doing the payments, most people can make back the cost of the monthly payment within the first month of joining.


What if Location Rebel isn’t right for me? Do you have a money back guarantee?


Absolutely! As I mentioned in our email yesterday, sometimes the only way to know for sure if something is right for you is to try it. That’s why we take all of the risk out of joining.

If you decide it’s not for you, simply shoot me an email in 30 days and I’ll refund your money.


How do I access the training?


After you join from the checkout page here, you'll be instantly transferred to our members home page and have full access to everything Location Rebel has to offer.

You can hop in the forum and you can start posting and learning from others.


Finally, if you're still hesitant or have any questions here's what I recommend you do: go ahead and join Location Rebel to claim your bonus now. Try it out for a month and if it's not a good fit, just ask for a refund and we'll gladly give it to you. Trust me, we won't make you jump through hoops - all it takes is an email to get your money back.

This way you won't miss out on the bonus.

If Location Rebel does what I say it will do, then all is good. Just stay in the program, enjoy your training, and start learning how to have the lifestyle business you've always wanted.

Simple as that.

I'm really looking forward to talking more, and remember if you want to get full lifetime access to our Rebel Launches course in addition to all that LR has to offer, you've gotta join in the next 48 hours.