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4 essential video courses to increase your marketing mastery

2016-12-05 18:12:30

Here’s your gift for joining the LeadPages community: 4 in-depth video courses taught by master marketing coach Bob Jenkins.

Although we specialize in getting leads, the LeadPages team is well aware that that’s not the whole picture. For successful marketing, you also need to pay attention to everything that comes before and after you get a lead, from driving traffic to following up with customers.

That’s why we’re giving you four video courses (LINK TO COURSES PAGE IN LIBRARY) that cover crucial pieces of online marketing today. Any one of these trainings could easily sell for hundreds (if not thousands). But we're not selling them. They're our gifts to you.

Click the links below to check them out now:

To higher conversions,
Jeff Wenberg
Head Product Educator

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