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Long Tail Pro is 45% Off Today! Details Inside...

2016-11-29 10:35:23


I just wanted to remind you that Long Tail Pro is currently 45% off for Cyber Monday.

If you haven't had a chance to check out the deal, here are the details:

Get the Pro Annual Plan at a 45% discount here - Use coupon code: LONGTAILFRIDAY

Get the Starter Annual Plan at a 27% discount here - Use coupon code: STARTSTRONG

Long Tail Pro is now an online tool (in the cloud) and so you don't have to worry about any downloads or installation process.

One of the basic building blocks of any website that hopes to perform well in Google is keyword research. If you can find and target low competition keywords, you will rank faster and easier.

Long Tail Pro gives you a simple keyword competitiveness score that will show you immediately whether a keyword is worth targeting or not.

Overall, I just wanted to remind you that the software is at a huge discount today so that you don't miss out.

Thanks again,


Niche Pursuits, Washington 99352 United States

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