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My Top Newbie Tips for 2016

2016-12-05 18:12:29

Alright newbies, 

Let me give you some tips for 2016.  

Traffic Sources 

PlentyofFish - Not affiliate friendly anymore since they got bought out by You won't be able to get anything approved. 

Facebook - I only recommend it if you're doing a "clean" campaign like Teesprings (designing t-shirts). 

DO NOT do Facebook if you're running anything dirty. Your account's going to get banned and it'll be difficult for you to get another one.  

NativeAds - Places like Taboola. Too expensive for newbies 

Adult - Places like Exoclick. Super competitive.  

Mobile - The place to be for newbies. 

There's so much volume coming in each day, and so many traffic sources. 

There are different kind of mobile traffic sources.  

Pop Unders   

I recommend starting off with pop unders or DSP. As for what verticals to run...research via spy tools or talk to your affiliate managers. 

Guys...Don't try to reinvent the wheel. Get profitable campaigns first before you try super crazy stuff.  

Make sure you sign up for forums. There are tons of mobile tips and case studies being shared there, and it should give you the kickstart you need.   

Sign up for StackThatMoney --->  

Another newbie tip I have is to go super niche with countries. 

Places like United States and UK are too competitive. In fact, even places like Germany and France are too.  

You wanna use the blue ocean strategy and go where not many people are. Places like Thailand, Malaysia, Kuwait, New Zealand, etc.  

You might be thinking, but how can I make $10,000 a day with small countries? 

Think about it like this. Would you rather make $200 profit a day, or lose $200 a day trying to make $10,000 a day? 

Start campaigns in smaller countries. Once you're profitable you can take what you learn and export them to bigger countries to scale.  

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Talk Soon, 
- Charles