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2016-12-05 18:12:28

Sunday, December 4th, 2016 features posts by First Round Capital, Atomico, Alyson Button, Stefano Bernardi, Matt Munson, and more.

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Sunday, December 4, 2016

A Brief Glance At Ridesharing Revenue Multiples

Ridesharing unicorn Ola is rumored to set to accept a down round. Mattermark dug into historical Lyft and Uber results to find out why the company is about to take a haircut.


Editor's Note: scroll down to discover 4 open startup/VC jobs


Weekly Digest: Top 10 Featured Posts

Joe Lonsdale of 8VC addresses  how to think about the value of experience at a technology startup, the seniority of a company’s team, and when it’s the right time to make certain executive hires in “Bring in the ‘Adults’?”  

First Round Capital publishes the survey results from more than 700 founders asked about everything from fundraising to their office’s price per square foot, and areas such as how founders pick their lead investor and the perspectives they have on diversity and inclusion in “State of Startups - 2016

Atomico publishes a 118 page report that looks at capital flows over the last few years, and combines it with an assessment of local talent, the strength of European tech communities, and the exit landscape in “The State of European Tech 2016” (the charts look better in the post)

Ali Rowghani of Y Combinator describes how to become a great Phase 2 CEO by focusing on the highest leverage tasks that only the CEO can accomplish in “What’s the Second Job of a Startup CEO?

Stefano Bernardi of Mission Market Ventures offers his take on who’s pushing the boundaries of funding innovation in “The 26 Most Innovative Venture Capital Firms

Alyson Button Stone of Pipeliner CRM outlines the many roles and characteristics of the Sales Operation-ist in “In Support of Sales

Matt Munson of Twenty20 shares openly the shame he wrestles with over the time and money they wasted since May 2014 in “How I Burned 10 Million Dollars So You Don’t Have To.

Pierre Lechelle of Startup Friendly goes deep on the fundamentals and problems of top-of-funnel Acquisition, the first part of AARRR metrics, in “Understand Customer Acquisition in SaaS

Grant Miller of Replicated recognizes there are likely dozens of nuances of SaaS that founders may not know, so he put together a monster ‘Enterprise Ready SaaS feature guide’ in “Changing the Enterprise Software Narrative

Julia Mitelman of OneLeap acknowledges that our lives are curated and uncovers how the people behind the roles that shape our world think in “The Product Manager vs. The Strategist


Venture Capital Activity In Q4 Shows 2015 Was A Local Maximum For “Founder Friendly” Deals

Unless something crazy happens with funding announcements in December, U.S. venture capital activity is on pace to end the year down from 2015 highs.



Silicon Valley, In-Q-Tel, and 2017 Unicorn IPOs 

Silicon Valley investors may be slowing their cadence somewhat, but it’s not something just happening here. The CIA’s own investing arm is slowing down its own pace of investment. What’s driving the change? Mattermark took a look at the richest startups and their IPO hopes. If they can make it public, perhaps their backers will be willing to place more bets in 2017.



Startup & VC Job Openings

Chewse - Head of Operations & Logistics in San Francisco.

Aha! - Graphic Designer in anywhere in US.

Capital One Growth Ventures - Venture Associate in San Francisco.

Pritzker Group Venture Capital - Senior Associate in Chicago.

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