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[LR 6/6] The final ingredient you NEED to start your business

2016-12-04 14:36:24

Hey ,

So over the past five days we've covered:

  • Your perfect day
  • How much you need to live that perfect day NOW ($3k/month)
  • What NOT to do to make that money at first
  • What TO do to make it consistently every month
  • How to make that $3k/month NOW - and then build up every month

But yesterday I left off saying there was still one thing missing that I haven't covered yet, that I'd attribute most of my success over the years to.

And to explain it, I have to ask you a quick question:

How many people think it's crazy you want to quit your job?

I'm talking about the people who see what you do, see how good you are at it, see how much you get paid, see how much time you've put in to get where you are now, see how prestigious it is - and just can't believe that you're walking away from it.

Maybe they aren't saying it to your face, but to them, the idea of walking away from something stable like that is just insane. Why would ANYONE do that… ever?

Man I can't tell you how many people told me to "get real" (in different ways) when I made it clear I wanted to quit my job and build my own business.

I mean, yeah, there were plenty of people supporting me.

But secretly they were concerned for me.

"Travel the world? Wake up without an alarm clock? Yeah right."

They didn't want to see me fail. So they tried to hold me back.

Which, of course, just held me back…and made me second-guess myself. Sort of like, "Maybe I really am dreaming right now. Maybe this really isn't possible the way I want it to be."

Until, that is, I walked away from my job so many years ago and got the opportunity to go to Thailand for a few months - and something amazing happened:

I met other people who were already doing what I wanted to do…

Who didn't think it was "weird" at all that I was doing it…

And, in fact, who I could look up to - and ask questions to.

All of a sudden my brain went from "is this really possible?" to "oh my god this is so easy, why isn't EVERYONE doing this?". Almost literally overnight. And that's when the limiters disappeared - and everything took off.

Immediately I had a business that allowed me to live in Thailand.

And within seven months I had my perfect business, allowing me to live in the USA while traveling internationally at the drop of a hat if I wanted.

I knew it was possible - and I saw a clear, obvious, proven path to do it.

What I'm getting at is that the "missing ingredient" you need to succeed…

Is a community of like-minded people doing what you want to do.

People who will support you, who won't question you, and in fact who think that what you want is perfectly normal - and everyone else are the "weird" ones for not going after their dreams themselves.

That's exactly what I've designed Location Rebel Academy to be.

Not only do you get the exact blueprints for building your business…

From SEO writing, to copywriting, to design, to so much more…

But more importantly you get the community of nearly 2,000 other Location Rebels who are either actively doing it - or who have already done it themselves.

A quick screenshot from inside one of the many Location Rebel sub-forums

You can post and get active yourself. Or you can just browse around at your leisure, watching the other discussions going on, knowing that you're not alone in wanting more freedom, time, and energy to live your life the way you want to.

This is also a big reason for the price tag on Location Rebel Academy. And this is a major lesson I want to teach you about building your business.

You see, when you're building your own business, you get to set the rules.

It should be something you love to do. And that you love to run.

The truth is that I love interacting with people changing their lives.

Location Rebel makes me excited to wake up every day. I get energy from helping people of all ages quit their jobs and find more meaning in their lives.

But only if those people are really serious about change.

By pricing Location Rebel at $497, this ensures two things:

1. Only truly serious people (who will take action) join
2. And, by extension, you're surrounded by serious people in the forums

This means I get to invest more back into people who join (in terms of my time & services for members) - and that you get more by having a higher-quality community to interact with.

You meet people who are doing big things - and not just tire kickers.

Which means you'll see faster and bigger success from following the plan.

Make sense? So if this is something you know you need, click here and read over the sales letter. Every question and detail is covered there.

But even if Location Rebel Academy isn't right for you…

I hope that this email series has been helpful for you.

What I wanted to do was outline for you how I was able to break free from my job as quickly as I did - and how I've seen hundreds of others do it too.

Mostly I just want you to know it's possible.

You don't need to stay trapped at your job.

You should be chasing your own happiness.

Don't let other people make you feel guilty about that. Because your top priority is your own happiness and fulfillment. And guess what? The happier you are, the more you're able to give back to the world.

It's selfish of you not to chase your dreams and live the life you want.

I'll still be sending you more emails over the coming weeks…

Mostly about travel and building lifestyle businesses…

(Including an incredible case study in the next few days…)

But if you're really serious and want help getting into this lifestyle yourself - I hope to see you inside our community if it's right for you :)

Thanks for going through this course with me. I love teaching this stuff, which is why I've continued to write about it for the last seven years at my blog. And I've got a whole lot more to share with you over the coming months.

So we'll be speaking again soon,